Curling Ribbon

Multi-use festive ribbon, easy to curl.

Curling Ribbon


Curling ribbon, 1/each.  Note: when ordering more than 1, please order by phone as ribbons can be repacked to reduce shipping charges.  At “type” use slide bar to right to view all color options.

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Curling Ribbon – a festive ribbon with unlimited uses!  This versatile thin ribbon can decorate a present in a box, or add to the handle of a gift bag.  Or, tied to a balloon.  Top a gift basket or fruit basket.  Decorate the top of a cake.  Use as an accent for table centerpieces, retail display cases, or hang from the ceiling.   Curling ribbon is available in 36 colors – so no matter what the occasion, holiday, event, theme, there is a color to match!  In addition to everyday colors, curling ribbon is available in exciting colors like tropical orange, jungle green, lava red, or Caribbean blue.

Dimensions: Splendorette colors are 3/16″ x 500 yards – crimped curling ribbon.  Metallic colors are 3/16″ x 250 yards – crimped.  Iridescent (white) 3/16″ x 250 yeards – uncrimped curling ribbon.  Sparkalene colors are 3/16″ x 100 yards – embossed curling ribbon.  Paw prints are 1/4″ x 250 yards.  All other prints are 3/8″ x 250 yards.  For additional choices and options view page 72-73 of our gift packaging catalog.

Quantity pricing available on 5, 10, 25 spools, for quantity pricing or to view colors – download our gift packaging catalog and view pages 72-73.  Colors can be combined to meet quantity pricing.  Note:  when ordering more than 1 spool, please order by phone as ribbons can be repacked to reduce shipping charges.

Not exactly the type of ribbon you are looking for?  We also offer tulle, wraphia, pull bows, perfect bows, yarn, jute, star bows, stretch loops and new…custom printed bows and ribbon.  Plus, ribbon racks to store and organize your ribbon.

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Beauty curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Bea, Black curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Bla, Burgundy curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Bur, Caribbean Blue curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Car, Chocolate curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Cho, Citrus curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Cit, Daffodil curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Daf, Emerald curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Eme, Gold curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Gol, Holiday Gold curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Hol, Hunter curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Hun, Ivory curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Ivo, Jungle Green curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Jun, Lava Red curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Lav, Lavender curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Lav, Light Blue curling ribbon, grBE-SR316LBl, Navy curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Nav, Pink curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Pin, Purple curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Pur, Red curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Red, Royal curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Roy, Silver curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Sil, Tropical Orange curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Tro, Turquoise curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Tur, White curling ribbon, grBE-SR316Whi, Yellow curling ribbon, grBE-SR316PYe, Gold Metallic curling ribbon, grBE-MTR316Gol, Red Metallic curling ribbon, grBE-MTR316Red, Silver Metallic curling ribbon, grBE-MTR316Sil, Gold Glitter curling ribbon, grBE-GR316UGol, Red Glitter curling ribbon, grBE-GR316URed, Silver Glitter curling ribbon, grBE-GR316USil, Iridescent White curling ribbon, grBE-IR316Whi, Gold Sparkalene curling ribbon, grBE-SPR316Gol, Red Sparkalene curling ribbon, grBE-SPR316Red, Silver Sparkalene curling ribbon, grBE-SPR316Sil


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