Domed Shrink Bags

Shrink bags for gift baskets & fruit baskets.

//Domed Shrink Bags

Domed Shrink Bags


Domed Shrink Bags, PVC 100 gauge.  For fruit & gift baskets.  Simple and easy to create dramatic gift and fruit baskets.  A hand held heat gun or heat tunnel, takes only seconds to professionally wrap your designs.

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Domed Shrink Bags – whether you call them round bottom bags, gift basket bags, shrink bags, shrink wrap, or shrink film they are designed to quickly, and securely wrap your fruit and gift baskets. Film: 100 gauge PVC, a rigid film with excellent clarity.  Bags do not have side seams.  Either slip the opening of the bag over the top of your gift for a very clean, smooth look.  Or set your gift inside of the bag so you can gather the excess film on top and tie with a bow.  Shrinks quick and tight; with a heat gun, or heat tunnel.  Using a turntable allows you to shrink with one hand, spin the table with the other – allowing for even quicker and even wrapping.  If you design fruit, candy, or gift baskets you will love domed shrink bags – they save time, create a clean appearance, and take the guess work out of trying to use roll film.

Hair dryers are not hot enough, an industrial grade heat gun in required. Working on a turntable allows for quick and uniform shrinking. To choose the best size bag, use a flexible tape measure: Circumference of the basket + 10%, divide by 2 = the width of the bag required.

Boxes Sleeves and More also offers roll shrink film in both 75 and 100 gauge centerfold rolls, flat bags, and tube rolls.  Custom sizes and shapes also available.  If shrink film is not your bag, we have BOPP gift basket bags, and roll BOPP film in clear, colors, and prints.  To start off those baskets, choose Spring-fill basket filler in crinkle cut or very fine cut shred – in too many colors to choose just one.  In addition to solid color shred, Spring-fill has a variety of blends, when just one color will not do.  Top off your baskets with; curling ribbon, wraphia, ribbons, bows, or pull bows.

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Dome shrink bag 18×20", JJMP-1820DB, Dome shrink bag 18×22", JJMP-1822DB, Dome shrink bag 20×23", JJMP-2023DB, Dome shrink bag 22×26", JJMP-2226DB, Dome shrink bag 22×28", JJMP-2228DB, Dome shrink bag 24×20", JJMP-2420DB, Dome shrink bag 24×24", JJMP-2424DB, Dome shrink bag 24×29", JJMP-2429DB, Dome shrink bag 26×26", JJMP-2626DB, Dome shrink bag 28×24", JJMP-2824DB, Dome shrink bag 32×29", JJMP-3229DB, Dome shrink bag 32×30", JJMP-3230DB, Dome shrink bag 34×34", JJMP-3434DB, Dome shrink bag 36×38", JJMP-3638DB


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