Euro Bags – Matte

Superior quality retail gift bag.

//Euro Bags – Matte

Euro Bags – Matte


Euro Bags with Matte finish.  100/case (except largest bag 50/case).  Personalize; small minimum, quick turn around time. Not all sizes available in all colors – not all options listed here.  For complete list download our gift packaging catalog from our home page – or call.  Matte Euro bags available in 7 sizes:  5x3x13, 6x3x6, 8x4x10, 9x3x7, 13x5x10, 16x6x12, 20x6x16″.  Colors:  Aubergine, baroque gold, black, burgundy, champagne, dark green, espresso, hot pink, lemon, navy peacock, platinum, purple, valencia, and white.  Volume discount available on 5 or more items.  

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Euro Bags with rope handles in laminated matte or laminated gloss.  Superior quality shopping bags in a variety of sizes and colors can be custom printed.  Strict quality controls ensure consistent color, strength, and craftsmanship.  Euro shopping bags are the ultimate in quality, appearance, and color choices.  Choose Euro bags – when just any bag, will not do.

Laminated Matte Bags have matching natural weave rope handles. (except: baroque gold, champagne, & platinum, which have polypropylene handles).  Colors available: aqua, aubergine, baroque gold, black, champagne, espresso, hot pink, ivory, lemon, maroon, navy, peacock, pistachio, platinum, purple, Valencia(orange), white. Note: not all colors available in all sizes.

Laminated Gloss Bags have matching polypropylene rope handles, colors available: black, and white in most sizes. Red and Royal only available in most popular size 8x4x10″,  Bags have a smooth finish. (157 gsm)

Bags are packed 100 per case, except largest bag is 50/case.  Not all colors are available in all sizes.  Euro shopping bags can be printed by hot stamping, or screen print – small quantities and quick turn around time.  Quantity pricing available on 5, 10, 25 cases, to view quantity prices download gift packaging catalog from our home page (size can be mixed).

Not exactly the bag you are looking for?  From our homepage download our gift packaging catalog to view all the bags offered at Boxes Sleeves and More.

Female owned, small business.

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Euro Bag, Aubergine 6x3x6", gbET-M6Aub, Euro Bag, Baroque Gold 6x3x6", gbET-M6Bar, Euro Bag, Black 6x3x6", gbET-M6Bla, Euro Bag, Burgundy 6x3x6", gbET-M6Bur, Euro Bag, Champagne 6x3x6", gbET-M6Cha, Euro Bag, Dark Green 6x3x6", gbET-M6DGr, Euro Bag, Espresso 6x3x6", gbET-M6Esp, Euro Bag, Navy 6x3x6", gbET-M6Nav, Euro Bag, Platinum 6x3x6", gbET-M6Pla, Euro Bag, Purple 6x3x6", gbET-M6Pur, Euro Bag, Valencia 6x3x6", gbET-M6Val, Euro Bag, White 6x3x6", gbET-M6Whi, Euro Bag, Aubergine 8x4x10", gbET-M8Aub, Euro Bag, Baroque Gold 8x4x10", gbET-M8Bar, Euro Bag, Black 8x4x10", gbET-M8Bla, Euro Bag, Burgundy 8x4x10", gbET-M8Bur, Euro Bag, Champagne 8x4x10", gbET-M8Cha, Euro Bag, Dark Green 8x4x10", gbET-M8DGr, Euro Bag, Espresso 8x4x10", gbET-M8Esp, Euro Bag, Hot Pink 8x4x10", gbET-M8Hot, Euro Bag, Lemon 8x4x10", gbET-M8Lem, Euro Bag, Navy 8x4x10", gbET-M8Nav, Euro Bag, Peacock 8x4x10", gbET-M8Pea, Euro Bag, Platinum 8x4x10", gbET-M8Pla, Euro Bag, Purple 8x4x10", gbET-M8Pur, Euro Bag, Valencia 8x4x10", gbET-M8Val, Euro Bag, White 8x4x10", gbET-M8Whi, Euro Bag, Aubergine 16x6x12", gbET-M16Aub, Euro Bag, Baroque Gold 16x6x12", gbET-M16Bar, Euro Bag, Black 16x6x12", gbET-M16Bla, Euro Bag, Burgundy 16x6x12", gbET-M16Bur, Euro Bag, Aubergine 16x6x12", gbET-M16Aub, Euro Bag, Champagne 16x6x12", gbET-M16Cha, Euro Bag, Dark Green 16x6x12", gbET-M16DGr, Euro Bag, Aubergine 16x6x12", gbET-M16Aub, Euro Bag, Espresso 16x6x12", gbET-M16Esp, Euro Bag, Hot Pink 16x6x12", gbET-M16Hot, Euro Bag, Hot Pink 16x6x12", gbET-M16Hot, Euro Bag, Lemon 16x6x12", gbET-M16Lem, Euro Bag, Navy 16x6x12", gbET-M16Nav, Euro Bag, Peacock 16x6x12", gbET-M16Pea, Euro Bag, Platinum 16x6x12", gbET-M16Pla, Euro Bag, Purple 16x6x12", gbET-M16Pur, Euro Bag, Valencia 16x6x12", gbET-M16Val, Euro Bag, White 16x6x12", gbET-M16Whi


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