Favor Boxes and Pillow Packs

Unique boxes for creative gift packaging.

//Favor Boxes and Pillow Packs

Favor Boxes and Pillow Packs


Favor Boxes!  Treasure Chest Box (gold/silver), 2″ Cube Boxes (black/blue/chocolate/gold/ivory/white), Purse Boxes (chocolate/gold/white), Take Out Boxes (gold/silver), Ribboned Pop-up Boxes (black/blue/fuchsia/gray/kraft/red), and Pillow Packs (black/blue/chocolate/gold/gray/ivory/kraft/silver/white).  Quantity pricing available on 5, 10, 25 cases.  Custom printing available on most.

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Favor Boxes, and Pillow Packs – all kinds of fun, small, cute boxes to allow your creativity go wild.  Custom printing available on most, with small minimums and quick turnaround time.

Chest Box – like a mini treasure chest.  2-3/4 x 1-3/4 x 2″ available in chocolate linen (Marrone), or Gold matte linen embossed (Oro).  Ships flat, folds easily.  Can be custom printed by hot stamping or silk screen.  200/case. Made in Italy.

Cube Box – is a two piece folding gift box.  Color carried throughout, including inside of box and lid.  Dimensions are: 2 x 2 x 2″.  Colors include; aqua (Celeste), black (Nero), chocolate (Marrone), gold (Oro matte), ivory (Avorio), and white (Bianco gloss).  All except white have a linen embossed texture.  Boxes can be custom printed by hot stamping, or silk screen.  Made in Italy. 200/case.

Purse Boxes – tiny purse shape boxes available in white gloss, matte linen gold, and matte linen brown.  Purses can be printed by hot stamping or silk screen.  Dimensions are: 2-1/4 x 1-1/2 x 3-1/8″.  Ships flat and quickly folds into a mini purse shape.  Made in Italy.  200/case.

Take Out Boxes – with wire handles. These popular Chinese like take out paper boxes are available in 2 sizes; 6 fluid ounces (half pint) and 24 fluid ounces (quart).  Choose metallic gold, or metallic silver.  Dimensions are:  top width (non handle side) x bottom width x height. 12/case.

Pop-up Boxes with Ribbon – and coordinated gift tag.  Available in 3 sizes; 3 x 3 x 3-1/2″, 4 x 4 x 4-3/4″, 5 x 5 x 6″.   Six colors; bay blue, black, fuchsia, kraft, gray, red. Unique box that simply and quickly pops into a beautiful gift box.  10/case.  Complete your packaging with matching gift bags. Page 54 of our gift packaging catalog.

Pillow Packs – unique shape box, available in a variety of sizes, and colors.  Most can be custom printed by hot stamping or silk screen.  The P3 size, is perfect for gift cards.  200/case.  Made in Italy.

Quantity pricing available on 5, 10, and 25 cases – to view quantity pricing download our gift packaging catalog from our home page and look for page 52-54.  Colors and sizes can be combined, for quantity prices.  For more information on printing, view pages 78-83.

Boxes Sleeves and More – offers many unique, attractive, and creative gift packaging options. Whether you are looking for gift boxes, gift bags, ribbons, bows, shrink packaging, or floral packaging supplies, we offer many choices.

Boxes Sleeves and More is a female owned, small business.

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Chest Box – Chocolate, gxIT-CH2Mar, Chest Box – Gold, gxIT-CH2Oro, Cube Box – Aqua, gxIT-BX222Cel, Cube Box – Black, gxIT-BX222Ner, Cube Box – Chocolate, gxIT-BX222Mar, Cube Box – Gold, gxIT-BX222Oro, Cube Box – Ivory, gxIT-BX222Avo, Cube Box – White, gxIT-BX222Bia, Purse Box – Chocolate, gxIT-BO3Mar, Purse Box – Gold, gxIT-BO3Oro, Purse Box – White, gxIT-BO3Bia, Take Out Box – Gold Small, gxTO-P2Gol, Take Out Box – Gold Large, gxTO-P4Gol, Take Out Box – Silver Small, gxTO-P2Sil, Take Out Box – Silver Large, gxTO-P4Sil, Pop Up Box – Bay Blue Small, gxMB-RP3Bay, Pop Up Box – Bay Blue Medium, gxMB-RP4Bay, Pop Up Box – Bay Blue Large, gxMB-RP5Bay, Pop Up Box – Black Small, gxMB-RP3Bla, Pop Up Box – Black Medium, gxMB-RP4Bla, Pop Up Box – Black Large, gxMB-RP5Bla, Pop Up Box – Fuchsia Small, gxMB-RP3Fuc, Pop Up Box – Fuchsia Medium, gxMB-RP4Fuc, Pop Up Box – Fuchsia Large, gxMB-RP5Fuc, Pop Up Box – Gray Small, gxMB-RP3Gra, Pop Up Box – Gray Medium, gxMB-RP4Gra, Pop Up Box – Gray Large, gxMB-RP5Gra, Pop Up Box – Kraft Small, gxMB-RP3Kra, Pop Up Box – Kraft Medium, gxMB-RP4Kra, Pop Up Box – Kraft Large, gxMB-RP5Kra, Pop Up Box – Red Small, gxMB-RP3Red, Pop Up Box – Red Medium, gxMB-RP4Red, Pop Up Box – Red Large, gxMB-RP5Red, Pillow Pack – Colors Micro, gxIT-P2_, Pillow Pack – Colors Mini, gxIT-P3_, Pillow Pack – Colors Small, gxIT-P4_, Pillow Pack – Colors Medium, gxIT-P6_, Pillow Pack – Kraft Small, gxIT-P4Nat, Pillow Pack – Kraft Medium, gxIT-P6Nat, Pillow Pack – Silver Micro, gxIT-P2Arg, Pillow Pack – Silver Mini, gxIT-P3Arg, Pillow Pack – Silver Small, gxIT-P4Arg, Pillow Pack – Silver Medium, gxIT-P6Arg, Pillow Pack – White Mini, gxIT-P3Bia, Pillow Pack – White Small, gxIT-P4Bia, Pillow Pack – White Medium, gxIT-P6Bia


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