Fiber Sheets

Eye catching colorful fiber sheets for bouquets.

Fiber Sheets


New… Non-woven fiber sheets to add a pop of color to bouquets, pots, and more.  20×20″ with center X cut.  100/pack.  Choose:  Lime, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, or an assortment pack that contains all 5 colors (20 of each color).

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Fiber Sheets, non-woven sheets with a center “X” cut.  Currently stocking in 20×20″ sheets in 100/packs of; Lime, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, or an assortment pack of all five colors (20 each color).  A multi-purpose product can be used to enhance floral bouquets.  The X center cut allows you to easily slide the fabric up and over your flower stems, use with or without bouquet sleeves.  Use to add a pop of color to floral delivery boxes instead of waxed tissue paper, or tie around vases and pots.

Who is not always looking for something different, unique, or eye catching to distinguish you from your competitors?  These fiber sheets are eye catching colors with a unique texture.  You will find all kinds of uses for this product.  Additional colors and sizes are available in larger quantities.

Boxes Sleeves and More, for all your floral, gift, retail, and gift basket packaging.  For the floral industry…. we offer the largest variety of floral delivery boxes, unique flower and bouquet packaging.  More choices in corsage, rose boxes, and cut flower boxes than you will find any where else.  Petal white, glazed white, and unique colors which can be hot stamped with your logo. Clear plastic corsage, rose boxes, saucers, and basket liners.  For the floral and gift industries… plastic bags, paper bags, unique bags – most of which can be custom printed.  Gift boxes, in white, colors, round, take out, favor, pillow packs, wine and beer, gourmet boxes, and more – most of which can be custom printed.  Ribbons, bows, stretch loops, pull bows, star bows, ribbon racks and more.  Some ribbon and bows can also be custom printed.

New items…. custom printed labels and enclosure cards.  Gift wrap in standard size rolls and jewelers rolls.  Paper bouquet sleeves and sheets.  Round floral boxes (hat like boxes).  Any questions, give us a call, we will be happy to help you find what ever you are looking for.


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