Floral Boxes – Adjustable Packer

1 floral box - converts into 8 shapes!

//Floral Boxes – Adjustable Packer

Floral Boxes – Adjustable Packer


Adjustable Packer Floral Delivery Box – choose chipboard (1 size) or heavy duty corrugated (2 sizes, small out of stock).  Water resistant coating, water repellent interior. 100/case.  Folding instructions available.  

Ships direct from the factory, minimum order on floral boxes beginning with “ws” is 2 cases (any 2 “ws” items). 

Adjustable Packer Floral Delivery Box – heavy duty white corrugated (2 sizes).  Similar box as above, with coating interior only.  No minimum order.  100/case.   All our floral boxes are made in the USA.  

 1 box – folds into 8 shapes!  

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Adjustable Packer Floral Delivery Box, 1 box – 8 shapes. Really! It is amazing, how this flat board quickly folds into 8 different shape boxes. Whether you are trying to box tall vases, cubes, bud vases, centerpieces, baskets, or plants – this box can work for you. If that is not amazing enough, it is available in light weight coated white chipboard in one size, and heavier coated white corrugated in two sizes. Box is die cut and scored, making it easy to figure out how to fold it. Not near as difficult as you might think. Folding instructions available.

Not the box for you, or have a favorite style box – we probably have it. Pretty sure we offer the largest selection of floral packaging boxes. If it is heavy duty corrugated boxes, or lighter weight chipboard – we have it. All our boxes are packed 100 per case, most are white, all made in the U.S.A., most made in the Midwest, and some are coated to repel water. If it is corsages, roses, or cut flower boxes you are looking for – pretty sure we have the most of those as well. Clear plastic boxes, white, and some colors – all made in the USA.

At Boxes Sleeves and More – we also offer numerous styles of floral sleeves, tissue paper is solids, prints, assortments, and waxed. Gift and retail bags is plastic or paper – most can be custom printed in small quantities with quick turn around. Gift boxes in white, kraft, colors, to fit almost anything.

Ribbon, bows, stretch loops – some can be custom printed. Gift basket packaging – domed shrink bags, basket bags, Spring-fill shred, tube and roll shrink film, cello rolls and more.

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Adjustable Packer Floral Box – Coated Chipboard 7x7x3-3/4", ws.AP-773, Adjustable Packer Floral Box – Coated Corrugated 7x7x3-3/4", ws.AP-773HD, Adjustable Packer Floral Box – Coated Corrugated 9x9x4-3/4, ws.AP-994HD, Adjustable Packer Floral Box – Corrugated 7x7x4", pp.AP-774HD, Adjustable Packer Floral Box – Corrugated 9x9x4.5", pp.AP-994HD


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