Floral Delivery Sleeves

Large floral sleeves for arrangements & plants.

//Floral Delivery Sleeves

Floral Delivery Sleeves


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Flower Sleeves or Plant Sleeves; 1.6 Mil HDN (frosted in appearance), nested in bundles of 50, 100/case.  Dimensions: bottom width x top width x height.  If ordering more than 1 case, please order by phone, as sleeves can be combined to reduce shipping cost.

  • 12 x 23 x 34″  
  • 13 x 32 x 34″
  • 14 x 28 x 34″  
  • 20 x 34 x 34″  
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Floral Delivery Sleeves, also called plant sleeves, floral arrangement sleeves, flower sleeves.  Large floral sleeves, 34″ tall, to wrap and protect all your large arrangements and plants. Film: 1.6 Mil HDN (high density) Polyethylene, frosted white in appearance.  Available in four sizes, sleeves are nested in bundles of 50.

Why use floral delivery sleeves?  Sleeves offer protection against unfavorable weather and during delivery.  Sleeves help conserve valuable cooler and delivery space during busy holidays.  Sleeves keep stems from getting tangled.  And…. sleeves gift wrap your arrangements! Our sizes are designed to fit perfectly over our Fold & Lock Floral Delivery Boxes.  However, they fit up and over many floral boxes, pots, plants, and vases  – in four popular sizes to fit even your largest arrangements.  Choose:  12 x 23 x 34″, 13 x 32 x 34″, 14 x 28 x 34″, 20 x 34 x 34″ – dimensions are:  bottom width x top width x height. 100/case.

Nested sleeves are one inside the other, allowing florists to slide a bundle of sleeves onto a pole or stand.  A floral arrangement or plant is set on the top of the pole, and you simple pull the inside sleeve up and over your flowers.  Wrapping could not be any quicker.  Top of sleeve is generally slightly folded over, allowing you to staple a card or delivery ticket.  Or, use a bow to create a plume like top.

Plant sleeve stands and bouquet sleeve stands are available in three different styles; plastic legs, casters, or a plate base.  All in black to match any décor.  Made in the USA.

Or, we offer sealed bottom bouquet sleeves in three sizes, crystal clear BOPP bouquet sleeves in twenty seven sizes, colorful printed bouquet sleeves,  sealed bottom sleeves with handles for plants.  Minimum quantity on most sleeves is only 100 per case.

Boxes Sleeves and More is a female owned, small business!

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Floral Sleeve 12 x 23 x 34", 610S-F, Floral Sleeve 14 x 28 x 34", 604S-F, Floral Sleeve 13 x 32 x 34", 611S-F, Floral Sleeve 20 x 34 x 34", 608S-F


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