Floral Boxes – Fold & Lock Boxes

The premier floral box for strength & appearance.

//Floral Boxes – Fold & Lock Boxes

Floral Boxes – Fold & Lock Boxes


Fold & Lock Floral Delivery Boxes – white corrugated, coated inside to repel water.  Six sizes to fit everything from a budvase, dozen roses, and potted plants. The ultimate box for support & appearance.  100/case.  Made in the USA.

Floral Sleeves, large frosted sleeves designed to fit snugly up and over our Fold & Lock Boxes (If ordering more than 100 sleeves – order by phone, as they can be repacked to reduce shipping).

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Floral Delivery Boxes, our Fold & Lock boxes are easy for florists to assemble. Strong & reliable, white corrugated are coated inside to repel water, no staples or tape required. Attractive open sides for easy packaging & removal of flowers without damaging stems.  Unique angled design, allows floral sleeves to quickly slide up and over box & arrangement.  Fold & Lock boxes are available in three sizes of 1-piece boxes (box & lid) for budvases, rose vases, and ginger style rose vases.  Plus two square boxes for arrangements & plants, optional insert/top available.  And a large rectangular tray for centerpieces and bigger arrangements.  Dimensions: width x length x height. 100/case. Made in the USA.

Don’t forget to order flower sleeves to fit up & over the Fold & Lock Boxes.  Large HDN sleeves are frosted in appearance, and designed to fit each box, nested in bundles of 50.  Stands also available to hold your floral sleeves.  You simply set your boxed arrangement of top of a plant sleeve stand, and pull the inside sleeve up and over your arrangement – packaging couldn’t get any quicker!  Floral sleeves allow florists to conserve valuable space during busy holidays in your; shop, coolers and delivery vehicles.  They also prevent stems from getting tangled, protect arrangements from unfavorable weather, and gift wrap your flowers! Stands/Poles available to hold nested sleeves.

Fold & Lock floral delivery boxes are the premier floral box for the professional florist!

Boxes Sleeves is a female owned, small business.

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Floral Box: Budvase 3x4x5 Fold & Lock 606B, Floral Box: RoseVase 6x6x7 Fold & Lock 610B, Floral Box: RoseVase-Large 8x5x6 Fold & Lock 611B, Floral Box: 6" Square 6x6x4 Fold & Lock 602B, Insert/top for 602B box, 602i, Floral Box: 7" Square 7x7x4 Fold & Lock 604B, Insert/top for #604B box, 604i, Floral Tray: 12x10x4 Fold & Lock 608B, Floral Sleeve: 12x23x34 fits 610B & 602B boxes, 610S-F, Floral Sleeve: 13x32x34 fits 611B box, 611S-F, Floral Sleeve: 14x28x34 fits 604B box, 604S-F, Floral Sleeve: 20x34x34 fits 608B box, 608S-F