Gift Boxes – Colors

Boxes can be custom printed, small minimum, quick turnaround.

//Gift Boxes – Colors

Gift Boxes – Colors


Gift Boxes: New Gloss Red, Gloss White in large sizes.  Aruba green, Cocoa brown, and Black.  New..Ribboned Pop-up Boxes.  Quantity per case varies by item.  Dimension: length x width x height.  Under “type”, use the slide bar on right to view all options listed.

View more color box choices – from home page, click floral boxes, click corsage boxes.


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Colored Gift Boxes – choose from a variety of folding gift boxes.  New high gloss 2 piece corrugated boxes in; black, red, white.  Folding gift boxes in Aurba Green, Black or Cocoa Brown. Or check out unique color boxes under floral boxes – corsage boxes.

New… Gloss Black, Red or White 2-piece folding gift boxes in 6 exciting large sizes.  This is the perfect Christmas or Valentines’s Box!  Includes a separate bottom board for extra support.  Boxes can be custom printed. Minimal quantity & quick turn around time.  6/case on smaller sizes, 3 per case on larger sizes.  Master cartons contain 12 boxes, however can be ordered in 6/3 quantities listed.

Gift Boxes in Aruba green, Cocoa Brown, and Black.  Attractive colors to enhance your fine gifts.  Boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.  Board used contains 100% recycled material with post-consumer content ranging from 35-70%. Aruba green gift boxes have auto-lock bottoms, and tuck lids, kraft interior.  Available in four sizes.  100/case, except largest box 50/case.  Made in the Canada. Cocoa brown and Black gift boxes have tuck bottoms, and tuck lids, kraft interior.  Available in seven sizes.  100/case, except largest box 50/case.  Can be custom printed.  Made in the USA.

Boxes ship flat and easily fold at creases.  Dimensions are: length x width x height.  Boxes can be custom printed by hot stamp or silk screen – low minimum and quick turn around time.  Quantity pricing available on 5, 10, and 25 cases.  To view quantity pricing, from our home page, download our gift packaging catalog.

Folding gift boxes are also available in white, kraft, gold linen foil, and silver linen foil. Or, check out our corsage and rose boxes (under floral boxes) – similar style boxes in unique colors and sizes. Corsage size boxes and rose boxes are available in; yellow, pink, red, blues, greens, silver, and even gold stripe and black stripe options.

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Red Gloss gift box 6x6x5", gxMB-2P6Red, Red Gloss gift box 8x8x6", gxMB-2P8Red, Red Gloss gift box 10x10x8", gxMB-2P10Red, Red Gloss gift box 14x14x12", gxMB-2P14Red, Red Gloss gift box 16x16x14", gxMB-2P16Red, White Gloss gift box 6x6x5", gxMB-2P6Whi, White Gloss gift box 8x8x6", gxMB-2P8Whi, White Gloss gift box 10x10x8", gxMB-2P10Whi, White Gloss gift box 14x14x12", gxMB-2P14Whi, White Gloss gift box 16x16x14", gxMB-2P16Whi, Aruba Green gift box 4x4x4", gxEF-GL444Aru, Aruba Green gift box 8x8x5", gxEF-GL885Aru, Black gift box 3x3x3", gxBX-GC333Bla, Black gift box 4x4x2", gxBX-GC442Bla, Black gift box 4x4x4", gxBX-GC444Bla, Black gift box 6x4x4", gxBX-GC644Bla, Black gift box 6x6x4", gxBX-GC664Bla, Black gift box 10x5x4", gxBX-GC1054Bla, Black gift box 12x12x2", gxBX-GC12122Bla, Cocoa gift box 3x3x3", gxBX-GC333Coc, Cocoa gift box 4x4x2", gxBX-GC442COC, Cocoa gift box 4x4x4", gxBX-GC444Coc, Cocoa gift box 6x4x4", gxBX-GC644Coc, Cocoa gift box 6x6x4", gxBX-GC664Coc, Cocoa gift box 10x5x4", gxBX-GC1054Coc, Cocoa gift box 12x12x2", gxBX-GC12122Coc


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