Paper Bouquet Sleeves

Natural Kraft Paper Bouquet Sleeves and Sheets

//Paper Bouquet Sleeves

Paper Bouquet Sleeves


Paper Sleeves, Natural Kraft (nested). Two sizes are available in 100/case.  Five sizes in 2000/case. Quantity per nested bundle varies by size.  Dimension: bottom width x top width x height. Paper Sheets, Natural Kraft.  One size in 100/case.  Three sizes in 2000/case.

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Paper Bouquet Sleeves and Sheets – for a natural look.  Wrap your cut flower bouquets, fresh cuts, and wild flowers in natural brown kraft paper made from a renewable and sustainable source.  Due to the nature of the production process and the trees used during milling, color of sleeves may vary.

Kraft Paper Bouquet sleeves – dimensions are bottom width x top width x height.  Five sizes; 3 x 10 x 10″, 4.5 x 12 x 12″, 4 x 14 x 14″, 5 x 16 x 16″, 5 x 18 x 16″.  Two sizes are available in 100 per case, choose 4.5 x 12 x 12″  or 5 x 16 x 16″.  All five sizes are available in 2000 per case.  Sleeves are nested for your convenience, quantity per nest varies by size.  Cut top.  Made in the USA.

Kraft Paper Bouquet sheets – dimensions are width x length.  Three sizes: 20 x 20″, 24 x 24″, 20 x 28″.  The 24 x 24″ size is available 100 per case, and all three sizes are available in 2000 per case.  Sheets do not have an X center cut.  Made in the USA.

Boxes Sleeves and More – also offers clear BOPP bouquet sleeves, colorful and eye catching print BOPP bouquet sleeves.  Sealed bottom bouquet sleeves in three sizes – from single roses to large long stem bouquets.  Plus three appearance choices; all clear, clear with white back, or clear with silver back.  Large floral delivery sleeves in four sizes, all 36″ in height, made from high density natural polyethylene (frosted in appearance) – made in the USA.  Attractive Airy printed bags, with sealed bottom and colorful handles for potted plants, a bouquet or budvase arrangement.  New, clear bags on a roll and handled gift bags for arrangements.

Looking for floral boxes?  We offer the largest variety of floral delivery boxes in both chipboard and corrugated.  Choose popular AutoVase boxes in 3 sizes, a one piece popup box in economical white chipboard.  Waxed floral boxes that are paraffin wax coated inside and out.  For the economical minded, staple end white corrugated boxes.  Fold and Lock floral boxes – for the ultimate in design and function, white heavy corrugated in several sizes.  Also floral trays in die cut brown corrugated, available in three sizes.  Plus corsage and rose boxes in clear plastic or chipboard in white and difficult to find colors!

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Paper Sleeve 4x12x12" 100/cs, arBQK41212, Paper Sleeve 5x16x16" 100/cs, arBQK51616, Paper Sleeve 3x10x10" 2000/cs, arBQK31010-2m, Paper Sleeve 4x12x12" 2000/cs, arBQK41212-2m, Paper Sleeve 4x14x14" 2000/cs, arBQK41414-2m, Paper Sleeve 5x16x16" 2000/cs, arBQK51616-2m, Paper Sleeve 5x18x16" 2000/cs, arBQK51816-2m, Paper Sheets 24×24" 100/cs, arShNK2424, Paper Sheets 20×20" 2000/cs, arShNK2020-2m, Paper Sheets 24×24" 2000/cs, arShNK2424-2m


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