Bouquet Sleeves – Prints

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//Bouquet Sleeves – Prints

Bouquet Sleeves – Prints


Flower Sleeves with open bottoms, 1.6 Mil BOPP film.  Dimension: bottom width x top width x height. Wicketted 50/bundle, 100/case. Sale on Star and Plaid print sleeves, prices listed.  

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When ordering more than 1/case – please order by phone, as they can be repacked to reduce shipping costs!

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Bouquet Sleeves, or Flower Sleeves in colorful, beautiful prints – open bottom sleeves, made of 1.6 Mil BOPP film, a rigid, glossy, plastic the perfect choice for presenting flowers.  Bouquet sleeves are wicketted 50 per bundle.  Choose the perfect print or color to match your flowers, the season, holiday, an event, or your store décor.  We try to offer a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and prints.  Looking for a specific color or size not listed – call with your inquiries. We offer small quantities, so you can mix and match sizes and prints.  When ordering multiple cases, place your order by phone as sleeves can be repacked to reduce shipping costs. Dimensions: bottom width x top width x height.  100/case.  Sleeves beginning with sku #TM are made in the USA.

Boxes Sleeves and More also offers many other types of bouquet sleeves, delivery sleeves, and plant sleeves. We have clear flower sleeves, sealed bottom bouquet sleeves, sleeves with handles, and large nested sleeves for wrapping arrangement and plants.  Our clear flower sleeves are available in both small quantities and large full case quantities for growers.  Sealed bottom sleeves are available in three sizes and three different styles; including all clear, clear with white back, and clear with silver back.  Large delivery sleeves to protect even your largest arrangements.  Our popular Airy bag has handles and a sealed bottom, printed with swirls on the bottom half, and colorful bands across the top to match the colored handles.  Or, looking for something specific or difficult to find – call and we will help you find exactly the right type of sleeve.  Bouquet stands are available to hold your sleeves, with hooks on two sides to hold multiple bundles.  Attractive stands available with three different bases; plastic legs, casters, and plate base.

Please note: when ordering multiple quantities, please order by phone as sleeves can be repacked to reduce shipping costs.

Boxes Sleeves and More is a female owned, small business.

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Bouquet Sleeve 2x6x16 Blush, hdBlush, Bouquet Sleeve 3x11x16 Pink – PomMini, hdPomMini-Pi, Bouquet Sleeve 3x11x16 Yellow – PomMini, hdPomMini-Ye, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x16 Butterfly, hdbutterfly, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x16 Blue – Stars, hdStars-Bl, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x16 Red – Stars, hdStars-Re, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x17 Orange – Chalk, arChalk-Or, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x17 Purple – Chalk, arChalk-Pu, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x17 Purple – Floret, arFloret-Pu, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x18 Hearts, arHearts, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x18 Pink – Pom, hdPom-Pi, Bouquet Sleeve 4x13x18 White – Pom, hdPom-Wh, Bouquet Sleeve 4x17x18 Green – Labyrinth, teLabyrinth-Gr, Bouquet Sleeve 4x17x18 Yellow – Labyrinth, teLabyrinth-Ye, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x18 Lilac – Plaid, hdPlaid-Li, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x18 Lime – Plaid, hdPlaid-Gr, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x18 Yellow – Plaid, hdPlaid-Ye, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x18 Pink – Petalo, arPetalo-Pi, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x18 Purple – Petalo, arPetalo-Pu, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x19 Red – Eliza, hdEliza-Re, Bouquet Sleeve 5x17x19 White – Eliza, hdEliza-Wh, Bouquet Sleeve 6x20x18 Green – Floret, arFloret-Gr, Bouquet Sleeve 6x20x18 Red – Chris, hdChris-Re


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