Round Flower Boxes

Popular new idea for floral arrangements.

//Round Flower Boxes

Round Flower Boxes


Round Flower Boxes – or gift boxes.  In 3 sizes and 5 colors.  Choose Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Gray, White.  7″ no longer available in black or fuchsia.  Note:  Boxes are not waterproof!  If using for flowers, we recommend clear basket liners. Round boxes 10/case, liners available in 50’s or full cases.  

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Round Flower Boxes – looking for something modern, different, cool, eye catching?  How about a round box instead of a vase or basket?

Mod Boxes are a two piece rigid box & lid, made of 800 GSM greyboard laminated with 157 GSM art paper.  White is a glossy, other colors are not, and all are white inside. Your choice of: Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Gray, White.  Largest size box is: 9 x 4″ with a 1-1/2″ lid, inside box diameter is 8-3/4″ – plastic basket liner 9 inch diameter by 3-3/8 inch height.  Middle size box is: 7 x 3″ with a 1-1/4″ lid, inside box diameter is 6-3/4″ – plastic basket liner is a 7 inch diameter by 3-1/2 inch height. Smaller size box is: 5 x 4-1/4″ with a 4-1/2″ lid, inside box diameter is 4-1/2″ – best liner size is 5″ diameter by 3-1/4″ height.  Basket liners are sold separate.

Boxes are not waterproof! Originally designed as a gift box, however due to the stability, it can support the weight of flower arrangements.

Basket liners sold separate.  cwL-0091 is 9 x 3-1/4″ clear vinyl.  cwL-0075 is 7 x 2-1/2″ clear vinyl. cwL-0051 is 5 x 3-1/4″ clear vinyl.  Basket liners are made in the USA.

Boxes Sleeves and More – floral, gift, retail, and gift basket packaging.  Your largest supplier of different style floral boxes.  For floral delivery, we offer boxes in chipboard and corrugated.  Choose; Automatic Vase Box (white chipboard), Waxed End Lock Box (white chipboard, paraffin wax coated inside and out), Pyramid Vase Box (white corrugated, wide base for ultimate support), Staple End Box (white corrugated, simple, practical, and economical), Carry Out Trays (brown corrugated, die cut trays), Fold and Lock Box (white corrugated, the ultimate floral box).

For your corsages, single roses, and rose boxes choose; clear plastic boxes or chipboard in white and difficult to find colors. In more sizes than you will find anywhere else.

Flower and bouquet sleeves choose; clear BOPP, colorful prints, sealed bottom sleeves, large floral arrangement sleeves, printed plant sleeve with sealed bottom and colorful handles, large clear bags, and new paper sleeves.  Plus, new fiber sheets for bouquets; 20 x 20″ sheets with a cross slit in center in 5 popular colors; lime, pink, purple, red, yellow  – or an assortment of all 5 colors.

Boxes Sleeves and More – is a female owned, small business!

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Round Box – 9" Black, dfMB-BX9Black, Round Box – 9" Blue, dfMB-BX9Blue, Round Box – 9" Fuchsia, dfMB-BX9Fuchia, Round Box – 9" Gray, dfMB-BX9Gray, Round Box – 9" White, dfMB-BX9White, Round Box – 7" Blue, dfMB-BX7Blue, Round Box – 7" Gray, dfMB-BX7Gray, Round Box – 7" White, dfMB-BX7White, Round Box – 5" Black, dfMB-BX5Black, Round Box – 5" Blue, dfMB-BX5Blue, Round Box – 5" Fuchsia, dfMB-BX5Fuchia, Round Box – 5" Gray, dfMB-BX5Gray, Round Box – 5" White, dfMB-BX5White, Basket Liner – 9" 50/cs, cwL-0091, Basket Liner – 9" 200/cs, cwL-0091case, Basket Liner – 7" 50/cs, cwL-0075, Basket Liner – 7" 300/cs, cwL-0075case, Basket Liner – 5" 50/cs, cwL-0051, Basket Liner 5" 400/cs, cwL-0051case


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