Shrink Wrap Bags

PVC shrink film in easy to use bags.

//Shrink Wrap Bags

Shrink Wrap Bags


PVC shrink bags,  in 80 or 100 gauge.  Square & rectangular bags for flat baskets, trays, boxes, etc.

(Note: for gift baskets and fruit baskets with height, or a basket with a handle – we suggest domed shrink bags.)

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Shrink Wrap Bags – are for flat trays, baskets, and containers.  Note: for gift and fruit baskets – use domed shrink bags.  These square and rectangular shape bags are available in 80 or 100 gauge PVC (poly vinyl chloride) shrink film.  Excellent clarity, a rigid film which shrinks quickly with a hand held heat gun or heat tunnel.  Dimension: width (opening) x length.

Whether you call it shrink film, or shrink wrap this unique film allows you to design and create all kinds of gifts that will stay in place, once wrapped in a shrink bag.  It only takes seconds to shrink the film with a commercial grade heat gun.  Note: a hair dryer is not hot enough.  We recommend the use of a turntable, which allows you to spin with one hand and hold the heat gun with the other. Move the heat gun in a swishing motion to avoid burning holes in the film. This allows uniform shrinking and saves you time.  We offer two different turntables, three styles of heat guns, and impulse sealers with and without cutters to create your own bags from roll film.

Shrink film is also available in domed bags for fruit and gift baskets, centerfold roll film, and tube film. Custom size bags available – call with your inquires.  If shrink wrap is not your bag, we also offer gift basket bags in BOPP film, and roll poly (cello like) in clear, colors, and prints.

Plus, do not forget Spring-fill shred in crinkle cut and very fine cut –  in far too many fun colors to pick just one.  Curling ribbon is just as many colors, or wraphia ribbon, or if easy is your preference choose pull bows. Simply pull the string and in seconds you create the perfect bow to tie at the top of your gift baskets.

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Shrink Wrap Bag 6 x 6", JJMP-66SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 6-1/2 x 11", JJMP-6511SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 8 x 12", JJMP-812SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 6 x 6", JJMP-66SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 8 x 14", JJMP-814SB1, Shrink Wrap Bag 9 x 12", JJMP-912SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 9 x 14", JJMP-914SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 12 x 16", JJMP-1216SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 12 x 18", JJMP-1218SB, Shrink Wrap Bag 18 x 24", JJMP-1824SB1, Shrink Wrap Bag 19 x 19", JJMP-1919SB1, Shrink Wrap Bag 24 x 24", JJMP-2424SB1


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