Shrink Tubing

Tube shrink film rolls.

//Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing


PVC shrink film, 100 gauge.  Roll film open at the beginning and end of roll, sides are not open (no seams).  Width x length. 1/case

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Tube Shrink Film on a roll, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) 100 gauge film.  Excellent clarity, rigid film, shrinks well with a hand held heat gun or heat tunnel.  Shrink tubing is perfect for projects when wrapping multiple items of the same size and shape.   It can be used for gift items, fruit trays, and flatter items in trays, boxes, baskets, etc.  Open ends can be secured with tape, a crimper, or sealer.  Available in widths from 3″ to 32″ in 1500′ & 500′ rolls.  Dimensions are: film width x length of roll.  1/case

Shrink film also available in square and rectangular bags for flat trays and baskets.  Domed bags (round bottom) for fruit and gift baskets, when your basket has a handle or some height to it.  Domed bags can cover your basket from top down to create a clean look, or from bottom to top to add a plume and bow.  Roll centerfold film (folded on one side, and open on the other) in both 75 and 100 gauge film, in a variety of widths and lengths.  Custom shapes and sizes also available.  Several styles of heat guns, turntables, glue guns, impulse sealers (with and without cutters), and poly or cello crimpers available.

Hair dryers are not hot enough, an industrial grade heat gun or heat tunnel is required.  Using a turntable allows for quicker & uniform shrinking.

Boxes Sleeves and More also offers Spring-fill shred in crinkle and very-fine cuts for a great beginning for your gift packaging – in too many colors to choose just one. Available in beautiful solid colors, and blends (a mixture of colors) for holidays, events, plus new camouflage!  Fun trays, totes, round boxes – for something different than a basket.  Do not forget curling ribbon and pull bows, a quick and easy way to complete your gift baskets.  Customer printed ribbon now available, small minimum, quick turn around.  If you can not find what you are looking for…. give us a call, we will be happy to help you.

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Shrink tubing 3" x 1500', JJMP-315VST, Shrink tubing 4" x 1500', JJMP-415VST, Shrink tubing 6" x 1500', JJMP-615VST, Shrink tubing 8" x 1500', JJMP-815VST, Shrink tubing 10" x 1500', JJMP-1015VST, Shrink tubing 12" x 1500', JJMP-1215VST, Shrink tubing 16" x 1500', JJMP-1615VST, Shrink tubing 18" x 1500', JJMP-1815VST, Shrink tubing 20" x 1500', JJMP-2015VST, Shrink tubing 24" x 1500', JJMP-2415VST, Shrink tubing 24" x 500', TM245Tube, Shrink tubing 28" x 500', TM285Tube, Shrink tubing 32" x 500', TM325Tube


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