Floral Boxes – Staple End Box

Simple, practical and economical floral box.

//Floral Boxes – Staple End Box

Floral Boxes – Staple End Box


Floral Box, white corrugated floral delivery boxes ship flat, easily fold, then simply staple.  Available in 5 sizes; 6x6x3″, 6x6x5″, 7x7x5″, 9x9x6″, 11x6x3″.  New, Kraft (brown) corrugated floral delivery boxes.  Available in 3 sizes; 6x6x2.5″, 7x7x4″, 9x9x5″.  Dimensions: length x width x height.  100/case.  Made in the USA.

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Floral Boxes, our staple end floral delivery box is made of heavy duty white corrugated, scored to easily fold into position and staple.  Simple, practical and economical.  Square and rectangular boxes in six sizes to fit most of your floral arrangements and plants.  Choose: 6x6x3″, 6x6x5″, 7x7x5″, 9x9x6″ or 11x6x3″.  Kraft color in three sizes; 6x6x2.5″, 7x7x4″, and 9x9x5″.  Boxes ship flat, simply fold at creases, and staple ends with an industrial stapler.  Corrugated is heaver and thicker than chipboard boxes offering a more stable support for all your floral arrangements.  Dimensions: length x width x height.  100/case.  Made in the USA.

We offer the largest selection of floral boxes, including six styles of floral delivery boxes in both corrugated and chipboard.  Fold & Lock Boxes – our premier die cut white corrugated box in 6 sizes – both attractive & supportive includes two rosevase boxes.  Pyramid Vase Boxes – a unique shape white corrugated box. The wide base of the box offers maximum stability in two sizes.  New, large now available in green ivy print on white.  Carry Out Trays – three sizes of brown corrugated trays for centerpieces, wedding flowers, and plants.  Automatic Vase Box – one of our most popular style boxes, these white chipboard boxes are the popup style.  Ships flat & easily pops into a cube shape box in three sizes.  Waxed End Lock Boxes – these chipboard boxes are paraffin wax coated both inside and out, available in nine sizes.  Corsage boxes, rose boxes, and cut flower boxes in both clear plastic and chipboard white & some unique colors.

Also available from Boxes Sleeves and More – waxed tissue paper in solid colors or assortments.  Large floral delivery sleeves to wrap even your largest arrangements.  Sleeves help protect your floral arrangements during unfavorable weather, help conserve valuable cooler space during busy holidays, help prevent stems from being damaged during delivery & allow you to gift wrap your floral arrangements!  Beautiful printed bouquet sleeves, clear flower sleeves, sealed bottom bouquet sleeves, and sleeves with handles for all your flowers and plants.

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Floral Box – white: 6 x 6 x 2.5" Staple End, pp.SE-662, Floral Box – white: 6 x 6 x 5" Staple End, pp.SE-665, Floral Box – white: 7 x 7 x 5" Staple End, pp.SE-775, Floral Box – white: 9 x 9 x 6" Staple End, pp.SE-996, Floral Box – white: 11 x 6 x 3" Staple End, pp.SE-1163, Floral Box – Kraft: 6 x 6 x 2" Staple End, pp.SEK-662, Floral Box – Kraft: 7 x 7 x 4" Staple End, pp.SEK-774, Floral Box – Kraft: 9 x 9 x 5" Staple End, pp.SEK-995


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