Specialty ribbons, in lots of colors, size, and material.



Specialty ribbon in a variety of fabrics, colors, widths and lengths.  To view all ribbon choices, call and we will email or mail you a catalog sheet. Some ribbons and bows can be custom printed. 

Please order ribbon by phone, to select color choice and if ordering more than 1 ribbon, they can be repacked to reduce shipping costs.

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Ribbons! Choose from Simply Sheer Asiana, Wire Encore, Flora-Satin, Splendorette, Schiff Solitaire, Satin Ribbon, and more. Due to limited space – please order by phone, or note color choice. To view all ribbon choices, download our gift packaging catalog from the home page and look for pages 67-77.

Simply Sheer Asiana ribbon – three sizes 5/8, 7/8, 1-1/2″ x 100 yards. 25+ color choices, basic colors plus robins egg blue and chocolate.

Wire Encore – two sizes 5/8, 1-1/2″ x 25 yards. 15 color choices, basic colors plus basil, lime, and gold.

Flora-Satin ribbon in basic colors in 3 widths, glitter in 2 widths, and sparkalene (embossed holographic) in 1 width. This ribbon is the perfect width for use with bow machines.

Splendorette Ribbon is available in numerous color choices, in 2 widths. Plus choose metallics, glitter, sparkalene. Curling ribbon and bows to match.

Schiff Solitaire Ribbon, Satin Single Face, and Satin Double Face ribbons can be ordered unprinted or printed.

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Simply Sheer Asiana Ribbon 5/8", grBE-SS58_, Simply Sheer Asiana Ribbon 7/8", grBE-SS78_, Simply Sheer Asiana Ribbon 1-1/2", grBE-SS1_, Wired Encore Ribbon 5/8", grSR-EN58_, Wired Encore Ribbon 1-1/2", grSR-EN1_, Flora-Satin Basic Ribbon 5/8", grBE-FSR58_, Flora-Satin Basic Ribbon 7/8", grBE-FSR78_, Flora-Satin Glitter Ribbon 5/8", grBE-GFSR58_, Flora-Satin Gliter Ribbon 7/8", grBE-GFSR78_, Flora-Satin Sparkalene Ribbon 5/8", grBE-SPR58_, Splendorette Ribbon 3/4", grBE-SR34_, Splendorette Ribbon 1-1/4", grBE-SR114_, Splendorette Metallic Ribbon 3/4", grBE-MTR34250_, Splendorette Metallic Ribbon 1-1/4", grBE-MTR114250_, Splendorette Glitter Ribbon 3/4", grBE-GR34_, Splendorette Sparkalene Ribbon 5/8", grBE-SPR58_, Schiff Solitaire Ribbon 7/8", grBS-Sol78_, Schiff Solitaire Ribbon 1-1/2", grBS-Sol1_, Satin Ribbon Single Face 5/8", grSR-SF58_, Satin Ribbon Single Face 7/8", grSR-SF78_, Satin Ribbon Single Face 1-1/2", grSR-SF1_, Satin Ribbon Double Face 5/8", grSR-DF58_, Satin Ribbon Double Face 7/8", grSR-DF78_, Satin Ribbon Double Face 1-1/2", grSR-DF1_


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