Tissue Paper-Packing, E-Commerce

Premium, economy or recycled. Sheets & rolls.

//Tissue Paper-Packing, E-Commerce

Tissue Paper-Packing, E-Commerce


Tissue paper to meet all your packing requirements.  Choose; White or Kraft, premium or economy, sheets or rolls, including 7″ jewelers rolls. All tissue made in the USA.  

New… E-Commerce packing tissue sheets and counter rolls.  Choose; Kraft, White, Black, Cerise, Citrus, Light Gray, Parade Blue. (Blush, Buttercup, French Vanilla – available by special order).  Rolls in 2 stock widths (18 and 24″) or 4 special order widths (6, 9, 12, 20″). 

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Tissue Paper for packaging – white premium and economy tissue sheets in sizes from 15 x 20″ to 24 x 36″, recycled kraft, industrial packing tissue, tissue rolls in 18 and 20″ widths, and jeweler’s rolls in 7-1/2″ and 20″ widths. Tissue paper for all your packaging needs.  Quire fold, flat or roll tissue.  All made in the USA.

Packing tissue paper, or stuffing tissue, or roll tissue. Economical random print tissue assortment sheets 20 x 30″ – paper used is salvage or post industrial waste paper that has already served its intended purpose in industries such as textiles. 12 lb, designs are random and will vary by case, two or more designs per case.  A great buy – look for under tissue paper assortments.

New… E-Commerce Packing Tissue, 20 lb stock available in sheets or rolls.  Tissue sheets in 18×24, 24×36″ in white, kraft, black, cerise (hot pink), citrus (lime), light gray, parade blue, scarlet red.  Tissue rolls in 18, 24″ lengths, in white, kraft, black, cerise, citrus, light gray, parade blue, scarlet.  Rolls can also be special ordered in lengths of 6, 9, 12, 20″ length.  Both sheets and rolls can be special ordered in blush, buttercup, french vanilla (2-4 weeks).  Add a little color and watch your customer satisfaction soar!

We also offer a large variety of other tissue options.  Solid color 20 x 30″ sheets in over 65 color choices – so no matter what unique color you are trying to match, we probably have it. Unique colors like; flamingo pink, plum, aquamarine, Caribbean blue, peacock, green tea, olive, apricot, honeysuckle, cool gray and slate gray.  Solid color assortment packs – in case you definitely can not choose just one color.  Printed tissue in over 80 choices like; gingham, stripes, dots, hot spots, flowers, animal prints, and holiday designs. Metallic, and embossed metallic.  Gemstone and crystallized.  Waxed tissue for florists and candles in solid colors or assortments.  Your tissue paper choices are endless!  To quickly view all your tissue choices, from our homepage download our gift packaging catalog – 80 pages full of unique, practical, and colorful gift packaging items.  For tissue, look for pages 20-24.

Boxes Sleeves and More – female owned, small business.

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Tissue Paper 15×20" premium white, gtTI-15Whi, Tissue Paper 20×30" premium white, gtTi-20WhiF, Tissue Paper 20×30" premium white, gtTi-20WhiQ, Tissue Paper 24×36" premium white, gtTi-24Whi, Tissue Paper 15×20" economy white, gtTi-E15Whi, Tissue Paper 18×24" economy white, gtTi-E18Whi, Tissue Paper 20×30" economy white, gtTi-E20Whi, Tissue Paper 15×20" recycled kraft, gtTi-15Rec, Tissue Paper 20×30" recycled kraft-flat, gtTi-20RecF, Tissue Paper 20×30" recycled kraft-quire fold, gtTi-20RecQ, Tissue Paper 20×30" stuffing tissue-white, gtTi-IP2030, Roll Tissue Paper 18", gtTi-18Roll, Roll Tissue Paper 20", gtTi-20Roll, Jewelers Roll Tissue Paper 7-1/2", gtTi-Jr7, Jewelers Roll Tissue Paper 20", gtTi-Jr20, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" Kraft, gtTi-E1824Kra, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" White, gtTi-E1824Whi, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" Black, gtTi-E1824Bla, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" Cerise, gtTi-E1824Cer, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" Citrus, gtTi-E1824Cit, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" L.Gray, gtTi-E1824LGr, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" P.Blue, gtTi-E1824Par, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 18×24" Scarlet, gtTi-E1824Sca, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" Kraft, gtTi-E2436Kra, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" White, gtTi-E2436Whi, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" Black, gtTi-E2436Bla, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" Cerise, gtTi-E2436Cer, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" Citrus, gtTi-E2436Cit, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" L.Gray, gtTi-E2436LGr, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" P.Blue, gtTi-E2436Par, E-Commerce Tissue Sheets 24×36" Sca, gtTi-E2436Sca, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" Kraft, gtTI-ER18Kra, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" White, gtTI-ER18Whi, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" Black, gtTI-ER18Bla, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" Cerise, gtTI-ER18Cer, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" Citrus, gtTI-ER18Cit, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" L.Gray, gtTI-ER18LGr, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" P.Blue, gtTI-ER18Par, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 18" Scarlet, gtTI-ER18Sca, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" Kraft, gtTI-ER24Kra, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" White, gtTI-ER24Whi, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" Black, gtTI-ER24Bla, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" Cerise, gtTI-ER24Cer, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" Citrus, gtTI-ER24Cit, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" L.Gray, gtTI-ER24LGr, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" P.Blue, gtTI-ER24Par, E-Commerce Tissue Roll 24" Scarlet, gtTI-ER24Sca


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