Wine Bags and Wine Boxes

Packaging for wine in economical or higher end options.

//Wine Bags and Wine Boxes

Wine Bags and Wine Boxes


Wine packaging – available in bags, carriers, and boxes.  Most can be custom printed – small quantities and quick turnaround time.  Call for more info on printing.  Wine bags – available in paper, plastic, and cloth.  Wine Carriers – have windows for easy viability, in beautiful colors/textures.  Wine Boxes – from simple to high end.  

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Wine Bags, choose from a large variety of styles and sizes. Cotton bags with drawstrings. Euro bags in matte or gloss. Cotton bottle bags, Kraft paper shopping bags with twisted rope handles in standard and new heavy weight. Manhattan bags with twill (ribbon) handles. Metallic bags in gold, and silver. Mod gift bags with die cut handles in black or white. Organza bags, sheer fabric with ribbon drawstring in several colors.

Wine Boxes, choose window boxes that hold 1 to 2 bottles, with dividers in kraft and red. Rigid folding wine box, a higher end box with high gloss finish, full length inserts, magnetic closure, and 4-color process print available. Other boxes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Wine Carriers, attractive boxes with die cut handles, windows, that hold 1 to 3 bottles. Colors include; black, bordeaux, chocolate, gold, kraft, red, silver, white and more. Also, newer open style carriers with die cut handles that hold 4 to 6 bottles, in kraft or black.

Custom printing available on most wine packaging. Small minimums and quick turnaround time.

Boxes Sleeves and More is a female owned, small business.

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Wine Bag – Cotton Drawstring, gbWB-614_, Wine Bag – Paper Euro, gbET-M5_, Wine Bag – Paper Kraft, gbSH-W1_K, Wine Bag – Paper Kraft Heavy Duty, gbSH-W1HDNK, Wine Bag – Paper Kraft Heavy Duty 2 bottle, gbSH-W2HDNK, Wine Bag – Paper Manhattan, gbMB-MH415_, Wine Bag – Plastic Metallic, gbCC-BB6_, Wine Bag – Paper Mod, gbMB-514_, Wine Bag – Paper Mod 2 bottle, gbMB815_, Wine Bag – Organza, gbOR-613_10, Wine Box – Colors, gxIT-BB1_, Wine Box – Colors 2 bottle, gxIT-BB2_, Wine Box – Colors 3 bottle, gxIT-BB3_, Wine Box – N.Kraft, gxITBBV1Nat, Wine Box – N.Kraft 2 bottle, gxIT-BB2Nat, Wine Box – N.Kraft 3 bottle, gxIT-BB3Nat, Wine Box – Silver, gxIT-BB1Arg, Wine Box – Silver 2 bottle, gxIT-BB2Arg, Wine Box – Silver 3 bottle, gxIT-BB3Arg, Wine Box – Rigid Folding, gxRF-XBB1_, Wine Box – Rigid Folding 2 bottle, gxRF-XBB2_, Wine Box – Window 2 bottle, gxLT-WB7_, Wine Box – Window 3 bottle, gxLT-WB11_, Wine Carrier – Colors, gxIT-BC1_, Wine Carrier – Colors 2 bottle, gxIT-BC2_30, Wine Carrier – Colors 3 bottle, gxIT-BC3_ 30, Wine Carrier – N.Kraft, gxIT-BC1Nat, Wine Carrier – N.Kraft 2 bottle, gxIT-BC2Nat30, Wine Carrier – N.Kraft 3 bottle, gxIT-BC3Nat30, Wine Carrier – Textured Rib 2 bottle, gxIT-BC2Taw, Wine Carrier – Textured Rib 3 bottle, gxIT-BC3Taw, Wine Carrier – Textured Rib 4 bottle, gxIT-BC4Taw, Wine Carrier – Open Top 4 bottle Black, gxIT-WT4Ner, Wine Carrier – Open Top 4 bottle Kraft, gxIT-WT4Nat, Wine Carrier – Open Top 6 bottle Black, gxIT-WT6Ner, Wine Carrier – Open Top 6 bottle Black, gxIT-WT6Nat


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