Stretch Loops

Stretchy little ribbon, a perfect touch for small gifts.

Stretch Loops


Stretch Loops: 1/16″ round cord, 100 loops/box, in 5 colors.  Satin Stretch Loops: (fabric look), 50/box,  3/16″ and 1/2″ in 3 colors.  Elasti-Stretch Loops: 1/4″ flat cord (bit more sparkly), 100/box, in metallic gold or silver.    

Note: when ordering more than 1 box, loops can be repacked to reduce shipping charges – please order by phone.  Loop size is the circumference of the tied, unstretched loop.

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Stretch Loops – the tiny little bow that does so much!  Several styles of stretchy ribbon that can keep your box closed and keep the lid from falling off.  Loops finish off your gift with a pop of color requiring no work from you. Small enough they take up little space, they don’t smash or loose their shape.  They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and material.

Loop size is the circumference of the tied, unstretched loop.  Cut size is the overall length of the untied, unstretched cord.

Stretch Loops: 1/16″ round cord, 100/case. In 6 to 28″ fitting earring boxes to dress/jacket boxes. Color choices: black, kraft, metallic gold, metallic silver, and red.

Satin Stretch Loops: wider than stretch loops they are 3/16″ wide or 1/2″ wide and available in 10 & 16″ loops. 50/case.  Color choices: antique white, black, and red.

Elasti-Stretch Loops: 1/4″ flat cord, 100/case, available in metallic gold & metallic silver. A bit more sparkly than the other loops.  

Quantity pricing available on 5, 10, 25 cases – for quantity prices view page 71 of gift packaging catalog on home page. Sizes and colors can be combined for quantity pricing. Note: when ordering more than 1 box – loops can be repacked to reduce shipping costs, please order by phone on multiple quantities.

Custom colors & sizes can be made just for you – minimum’s vary, with the average being around 30,000 loops and lead time of 4-6 weeks.

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Stretch Loop 6" Black, grBE-Loop6Bla, Stretch Loop 6" Gold, grBE-Loop6Gol, Stretch Loop 6" Red, grBE-Loop6Red, Stretch Loop 6" Silver, grBE-Loop6Sil, Stretch Loop 8" Gold, grBE-Loop8Gol, Stretch Loop 8" Silver, grBE-Loop8Sil, Stretch Loop 10" Black, grBE-Loop10Bla, Stretch Loop 10" Gold, grBE-Loop10Gol, Stretch Loop 10" Kraft, grBE-Loop10Kra, Stretch Loop 10" Red, grBE-Loop10Red, Stretch Loop 10" Silver, grBE-Loop10Sil, Stretch Loop 16" Gold, grBE-Loop16Gol, Stretch Loop 16" Silver, grBE-Loop16Sil, Stretch Loop 19" Black, grBE-Loop19Bla, Stretch Loop 19" Gold, grBE-Loop19Gol, Stretch Loop 19" Kraft, grBE-Loop19Kra, Stretch Loop 19" Red, grBE-Loop19Red, Stretch Loop 19" Silver, grBE-Loop19Sil, Stretch Loop 22" Black, grBE-Loop22Bla, Stretch Loop 22" Gold, grBE-Loop22Gol, Stretch Loop 22" Kraft, grBE-Loop22Kra, Stretch Loop 22" Red, grBE-Loop22Red, Stretch Loop 22" Silver, grBE-Loop22Sil, Stretch Loop 28" Gold, grBE-Loop28Gol, Satin Stretch Loop 10" Black, grSR-SL510Bla, Satin Stretch Loop 10" Black, grSR-SL1210Bla, Satin Stretch Loop 10" Red, grSR-SL1210Red, Satin Stretch Loop 10" White, grSR-SL1210Whi, Satin Stretch Loop 16" Red, grSR-SL1216Red, Satin Stretch Loop 16" White, grSR-SL1216Whi, Elasti-Stretch Loop 6" Gold, grBE-EL73606Gol, Elasti-Stretch Loop 6" Silver, grBE-EL73606Sil, Elasti-Stretch Loop 10" Gold, grBE-EL73610Gol, Elasti-Stretch Loop 10" Silver, grBE-EL73610Sil, Elasti-Stretch Loop 19" Gold, grBE-EL73619Gol, Tinsel Cord Roll Gold, grBETC100Gol, Tinsel Cord Roll Silver, grBETC100Sil, Stretch Cord Roll Gold, grBE-50Gol, Stretch Cord Roll Silver, grBE-50Sil


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