Shrink Wrap Equipment

Heat guns, impulse sealers, turntables, crimpers.

//Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink Wrap Equipment


Heat Guns, Turntables, Film Sealers, Glue Guns – commercial grade tools you need for designing gift baskets.

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Shrink Wrap Equipment – heat guns, impulse sealers, crimpers, turntables, glue guns, glue sticks!  All the shrink wrap tools & equipment you need to efficiently design gift baskets and fruit baskets.

Heat Guns – choose dual or variable temperature commercial grade heat guns. Note: hand held hair dryers are not hot enough. Turntables – choose plastic or metal. Attractive and economical white plastic, or our heavy duty cast iron base and aluminum top which is also slightly taller. Using a turntable while stacking fruit baskets makes the job less frustrating and quicker.   Sealers – hand held cellophane and poly sealers.  Impulse Sealers – with and without cutters, available in sizes 8 – 32″, maintenance kits available.  Glue Guns – cord and cord free commercial grade models.

Heat Guns for shrink wrap – keep gun in a swishing motion for uniform shrinking.  Turntables assist you in building fruit & gift baskets, making the process quicker and easier, also aids in shrink wrapping allowing you to shrink with one hand and spin your gift basket with the other.  Impulse sealers can cut and seal all types of film, allowing you to quickly make your own bags, also sealing bags and tube film. Maintenance kits available for the impulse sealers; include 1 heating element, 1 teflon cover, 1 teflon insulator – choose flat or round element.

In addition to shrink wrap equipment, we offer a large selection of shrink wrap, including custom shapes & sizes.  Whether it is the easy to use dome shrink wrap, flat bags for trays, tube film, or roll film in both 75 gauge and 100 gauge – we probably have what you are looking for, and for prices that will make you smile.  Plus all the other fun packaging items you need; Spring-fill shred in crinkle cut and very fine cut.  Ribbons, bows, including pull bows, and new custom printed ribbons & bows.

Boxes Sleeves and More – for all your floral, gift, retail, and gift basket packaging!

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Heat Gun – dual temperature, SA800, Heat Gun – variable temperature, SA803, Heat Gun – variable temperature, JJMP-HG1200, Turntable – plastic, AT610, Turntable – metal, AT612, Glue Gun, SA3002, Glue Gun – cord & cord free, SA5000, Glue Sticks – SA232-15, Glue Sticks – SA232-165, Cellophane Sealer 6", JJMP-6CS, Poly Sealer 6", JJMP-6PS, Impulse Sealer 8", JJMP-8, Impulse Sealer /Cutter 8", JJMP-8C, Impulse Sealer 12", JJMP-12, Impulse Sealer /Cutter 12", JJMP-12C, Impulse Sealer 16", JJMP-16, Impulse Sealer /Cutter 16", JJMP-16C, Impulse Sealer 20", JJMP-20, Impulse Sealer /Cutter 20", JJMP-20C, Impulse Sealer 24", JJMP-24, Impulse Sealer 32", JJMP-32


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